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Regarding Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (A Quick FAQ)

Last night, we announced that we would be translating the highly-acclaimed PSP remake of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, and boy, were people excited. So, today, I’d like to answer a few fan questions.

Q: Will your fan translation use the script from the PSX version of the game?

A: Some of the script, yes. We’ll also be retranslating certain dialogue to make it sound a lot more modern and precise like the PSP remake of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Also, certain character names will be changed back to their Japanese names. None of the names from the English PSX version of the first Persona will be in this translation. We’re using the real names of the characters.

Q: How will I be able to play the new scenario? Won’t I need a save file of the Japanese version of the PSP remake of Persona 2: Innocent Sin?

A: Yes. However, we are working on a way to make this scenario available easier. We’ll talk more about that when we’ve looked into it a bit more.

Q: Will the new scenario be translated?

A: Yes. We are translating the new scenario that is exclusive to the PSP remake of the game.

Q: How long do you think it will take for this project to be fully completed? Any estimates?

A: As soon as everything is done. As of right now, decryption of the game must be completed, and we also need to find a way to repack the translated files once decryption and modifications are done. Once everything is completed and all works well, will we then be able to release it.

Q: What’s the point in translating this? PSP, PS Vita, and PS3 owners can just play the PSX version of the game, as it’s now available for purchase on the PS Store.

A: The PSP remake of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment adds a lot of new content, as well as revamps the engine used in the game. There’s also an entirely new scenario, remastered soundtrack, and a few other things that are sure to please fans of the series. That is why we have decided to translate it.

Q: How can I help?

A: If you would like to take part in this project, click here, then fill out the form. Also make sure to select “Staff Member Request” in the dropdown menu.

TRADUKO Soft Will Be Fan Translating Persona 2: Eternal Punishment!


The PlayStation®Portable remake of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is getting a fan translation by us here at TRADUKO Soft! As of the time of this post, decryption has already begun on the game. We hope to have more information soon, and would definitely appreciate help decrypting the game.

You can watch the announcement trailer here:

Thank you for your support, and we hope everyone will enjoy this project!

Conception: A Small Progress Update


Hello there, everyone! We would like to thank you all for your patience as we decrypt Conception for its fan translation. As of today, work on decrypting the game is halfway done. We are already working on making the script for insertion, and just need to find a way to reencrypt the files once that is all done. When all of this is completed, we will finally be able to show more information on this project.

If you would like to help decrypt the game or do any other type of programming work for the game, please email us by using this form:
We would really appreciate the help!

Also, the official website for this project is now open! You can visit it here:

The Second Partial Translation Patch Will Be Released on September 15, 2015!


Today, we can confirm that the second partial translation patch for Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable will be released on September 15, 2015. This translation patch of the game will contain a lot more finalized content than our first one, and will include a new patching tool, to make the process easier for those new to patching content in games. We hope everyone is excited for it, and we apologize for this having such a late release in the summer of 2015.

Those who would like to sign up for our next wave of partial translation patches can contact us via Facebook message, or via email. Go to to send in your form today! Please note that not everyone will be accepted. You must give us a reason why you feel you should be chosen as a tester for this upcoming project.

Regarding the Partial Translation Patch (FAQ)

On August 12, 2014, we released the first partial translation patch for Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable. Since we released it, thousands of fans have been able to enjoy parts of the game in English, and we couldn’t be happier. Sadly, some people were unable to get it to work for various reasons. So, I’m here to help. Today, we’ll talk about various problems, and how to fix them, and what causes them. Let’s begin!

How do I patch the game?

You will need to have a copy of the game, and rip it to an ISO format from the UMD. After that, download the patch from our MEGA or Mediafire link, and follow the instructions in the text file. Please note that CSO rips are not recommended. We recommend you rip the game to an ISO format.

I patched the game, but after speaking to Homura in the infirmary and first entering the map screen, the game crashes. Help!

This problem may be caused for various reasons. Some of them are: You are using an illegal copy of the game and must use an anti-piracy patch as well to bypass this. You did not update the game to V1.1. You are not using the Inferno setting on your CFW. Legally, we can’t help you fix the first cause of the problem, if that is why, but we can fix the others.

To update your ISO rip of the game, please do the following:

Download ISO Tool from here:

After downloading it, following the instructions to get it working on your PSP.

Open ISO Tool, and select your ISO of the game, and select “Make GetUpdater” from the menu. After you do that, go back to the main menu of your PSP, press the Triangle button, and select “Update” from the menu that appears.

Why is certain text untranslated or formatted incorrectly?

Due to this being a partial translation patch for the game, certain things are still unfinalized. Please wait for the final translation patch, which will be completely in English.

I’m experiencing random crashes/freezes/hangs on PPSSPP. Why is that?

If you are experiencing random crashes on PPSSPP, please make sure that you are using the latest version of PPSSPP, and have unchecked “Fast memory (unstable)”, “Multithreaded (experimental)”, and “I/O on thread (experimental)” Doing this should fix problems relating to crashes. Also make sure that you are not using a CSO rip.

What is the control scheme for the game?

The Circle button is used to make selections, and the X button is used to cancel selections. To put it simply: it’s the opposite of international PSP games, which use X to make selections, and the Circle button to cancel selections.This is common with most, if not all, Japanese PlayStation games.

When can we expect the second partial translation patch, and the final translation patch?

We are aiming for a summer 2015 release for the second partial translation patch, and an early 2016 release for the final translation patch. Nothing is certain yet, but details will be revealed once preliminary translation work for the second partial translation patch has been done.

What else can I play this patch on?

The patch is compatible with all PSP models that support the latest version of CFW (PRO-C CFW 6.60) as well as all PS Vita models and firmware versions that support the latest version of eCFW. This patch is also supported on all devices that PPSSPP is compatible with, as well.

I can’t access the download link for the patch, or your site. Why is that?

That is due to an Internet connection problem. There is not much we can do to help with that, sadly, unless we had specifics. If you are using a proxy, please make sure to disable it. Also make sure that your country and ISP allow you to access MEGA, Mediafire, or Tumblr. Also make sure that your Internet connections firewall is configured to allow common ports. If that doesn’t work, please make sure your anti-virus or anti-malware programs do not list any of these sites as malware domains.

With this, we hope everyone has the answers they’ve been looking for, and we hope those with any issues will now be able to enjoy the partial translation patch.